Archaeologists in Action

Archaeologists in Action is a new series designed and produced by the Oberlin Archaeology Society, comprised of interviews with Oberlin students and faculty who have archaeological experience and interests. Each installment will be published on the OAS blog where anyone who is interested will be able to read it. The goal of this project is to allow the Oberlin community to get to know some of the many archaeologically-minded individuals of all experience levels living here on campus, and to bring awareness to the many resources and ways to get involved with archaeology at Oberlin College and in the world. We will be interviewing professional archaeologists, professors with overlapping interests, and students planning careers in archaeology, as well as people who see archaeology as more of a hobby. We hope to capture the experiences of archaeology enthusiasts from every level, and to show that here at Oberlin, anyone can have the opportunity to celebrate and cultivate their archaeological interests.

View all Archaeologists in Action installments here.

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